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Making healthy foods craveable.

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Healthy Probiotics
Organic Macadamia Nuts
Farm to Table Ingedients

Maui Raw spreads are more than just social foods and more than just a healthy spread or dip.  Yes, they are also vegan, non-GMO and raw foods too.  But, they are food that anyone can enjoy!  No matter what you choose to eat, our Maui Raw Cultured Macadamia Nut Spreads are simply delicious and good for you!  And, they’re more than just food for a special occasion or party.  Our Maui Raw products are actually foods that you should eat, and can eat, daily!

macadamia nuts and our probiotics

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our healthy


Not everyone grows up eating healthy.  Healthy eating typically comes from a conscious choice or a commitment.  But not everything you try, that’s healthy for you, makes you crave eating it again.  Maui Raw wants to reward anyone making that choice, when they try our spreads, with wonderful flavors, fantastic taste, great selection, all natural and organic ingredients, healthy probiotics, all at an affordable price.  Essentially we want to make really healthy foods “craveable”.

We accomplish this by placing a value on developing relationships with the people we purchase from, and most of all, the people who purchase from us!



To "NOSH" is to "SNACK" on foods.  Maui Raw has created two deliciously-healthy alternatives to crackers or chips with MAC NOSH and NORI NOSH.


Our Nosh are dehydrated, as opposed to cooked, so that each ingredient is as natural and pure as possible — which is why they are so tasty! They are 100% gluten free too. Mac Nosh Crackers are made only from a blend of fresh vegetables, organic nuts and seeds, while our Nori Nosh Crisps are created with organic seaweed spiced-up and hand-painted with our signature Maui Raw spreads.

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