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with local growers

Beyond our super-healthy choice of organic macadamia nuts, we additionally insist that all our other ingredients are really fresh!  Many of our ingredients are purveyed straight from local farms.  We work hard at ensuring the ingredients we use, in making our Maui Raw products, are as fresh as possible.


Healthy and natural produce is all around us.  Sometimes it requires traveling a bit further to access it.  Often it requires time to develop personal relationships with the people who grow it.  And yes, it can cost more than if you were to purchase from corporate suppliers.  But the time, the effort, and the costs are totally worth it!  Why?  Because it simply tastes so much better and you're sure you are using healthy ingredients.  Plus, you know exactly where it come from! 


But the added reward, for this choice, is that you know you are helping to support the local growers in your community, keeping small farms in business, and helping owners, their employees and their families thrive.  That is exactly what Maui Raw has done right here on the island of Maui.

“A great 

tasting, natural food that you

and your body can depend on!”

healthy food should

taste amazing!

Not everyone grows up eating healthy.  Healthy eating typically comes from a conscious choice or a commitment.  But not everything you try, that’s healthy for you, makes you crave eating it again.  Maui Raw wants to reward anyone making that choice, when they try our spreads, with wonderful unique flavors, fantastic taste, all natural and organic ingredients, healthy probiotics, all at an affordable price.  Essentially we want to make healthy foods “craveable”.

Spreads and dips are social foods.  We typically enjoy them at parties, events, family gatherings, on weekends or holidays, and we usually put them into our “guilty pleasure” category of foods.  We don’t often think of incorporating foods like spreads and dips into our daily diet because they aren’t always the healthiest choice.

Maui Raw spreads are more than just social foods and more than just a healthy spread or dip.  Yes, they are also vegan, non-GMO and raw foods too.  But, they are food that anyone can enjoy!  No matter what you choose to eat, our Maui Raw Cultured Macadamia Nut Spreads are simply delicious and good for you!  And, they’re more than just food for a special occasion.  Our Maui Raw products are actually foods that you can eat, and should eat, daily.

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